Dancer's Musicality - Contrast

A tango dancer has a limited but beautiful palette to draw from in order to dance musically. For example, to step on the strong beat or not is a musical choice. Let’s say I prefer to step out on the second strong beat of a phrase instead of the first beat. The choices dancers make affect the feeling of the dance, and when you feel the association between feelings and movement, you start to favor some choices over others. (Do not lose sight of the fact that technical development and figurative possibilities are in the service of feelings! And it is your feelings that connect to the music.) Contrast: The first contrast to explore is the feeling of a pause as compared to the feeling of movement

Why Tango Northside

Last night I enjoyed the New Year milonga at Tango Del Barrio. What a lovely scene and lovely social environment. There is no such thing as tango in the absence of a tango community and Cincinnati has a tango community thanks to TDB. Many people who are relatively new to the TDB community are unaware that it starts with me about 17 years ago. It was my business. I named it Tango Del Barrio. It grew. I invited others to teach for me. I created a board of directors and was the first director of the board. It was my idea and wish to transform it from my business into a non-profit. And so it is. It is truly a community volunteer run tango social group. I say all of this not out of pride — though

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