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Our Teaching Team

Students at Tango Northside benefit from a broadly experienced teaching team committed to developing an accomplished community of tango dancers.


Collectively, our instructors have a total of nearly 100 (!) years dancing and studying tango, and an impressive 50+ years teaching the dance to others from novice to the  advanced level.


As dedicated practioners themselves, members of the team have studied and danced in Buenos Aires, as well as in numerous other national and international locations, bringing that unique experience to the classroom.


In addition to sharing the traditions of tango, our instructors enrich their teaching with expertise as musicians, choreographers, psychologists, educators, and community leaders, and draw from disciplines such as wellness, recreational therapy, theater arts, and mindfulness.


With backgrounds in other dance forms including ballet, modern, ballroom, latin, swing, african, tap, hip-hop, and r&b, our team provides students with well-rounded and informed perspectives on tango as a both a physical practice and as a social dance.

cincinnati tangonorthside tango teachers in the studio

Clockwise from upper left: Tony Seta, Brandon Craig, Michael Wizer, Julie Barnett, and Nikki Downey

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