Tango Music and Buenos Aires

Julie and I just got back from a two week trip to Buenos Aires (April 7 to 20, 2018). During the fourteen nights we had in BsAs, I was sick for two of them and we were exhausted for two. All told, we went out to 12 different milongas in 10 nights. Twice we went out to two milongas in a night. In total, 40 hours of dancing in milongas in the two weeks we were there.

Before we went we got guidance from friends who knew the BsAs dance scene so we knew of milongas we definitely wanted to check out: the famous old traditional milongas and some of the newer hot milongas. We also knew of some DJs we wanted to hear, and also we had some ideas about musicians and orquestas we wanted to catch.

If you want to have a feeling for the tango scene in BsAs, the shortcut is to vis