The Sensibilities of a Milonguero

Milonguero: a person who loves to dance to tango music and who frequents milongas (social tango dance environments) over many years.

In the beginning, when you are first exposed to tango, you do not yet have the vision, experience, and feelings to appreciate of the inside of the dance. By inside of the dance, I mean the feelings that two people have when moving well together to tango music. As a novice to the dance you do get whiffs of it though, and that probably is part of the reason you are drawn to tango. For one thing, the intimacy is obvious. When you watch developed dancers, you notice that their four feet are doing all sort of independent and yet coordinated movement. The communication between the dancers might be hidden, but you get hints of it: the look on dancers faces, the concentration, closed or narrowed eyes, the flashes of emotion.