About Tango Music and DJing

I have had many conversations with people much more expert than me when it comes to playing tango music. I have had these conversations over more than 20 years. I now know a few things with confidence simply because after a lot of reading and talking about the music, the information you hear from many respected sources all seems to converge. Most everyone who knows much of anything agrees about the basics when it comes to tango music. Most recently I had conversations with Felipe Martinez of the Bay Area, a highly respected tango teacher, dancer, and DJ. But what I say here does not begin with Felipe, he is just passing it on, modified by his understanding and sensibilities, and now mine. It

Milonguero Culture

I define it as follows: When people live in a vibrant and well-populated tango community and they go out dancing multiple times a week and have gone out dancing for years in their tango community, they become milongueros. They adjust, adapt, and become constituent of the social environment of the milonga. A milonguero is at the milonga to dance, but only if the music is good and people he or she wants to dance with are there. When not dancing, they socialize. Maybe some people are more socializer than dancer, but a true milonguero is first and foremost a dancer. In one’s home tango community, people know each other’s dancing and they know who they like to dance with. A good and mature dance

Tango for Milongueros

There are many ways to dance tango. It is a truism to say that everyone dances their own way. But that does not say a lot. More useful to say that of the different ways of dancing tango there are two basic social styles: close embrace where the dancers lean to some extent upon each other, chest to chest, and the embrace is sort of locked into place. There is the salon style where the frame is flexible and that the dancers proximity changes depending on a lot of factors. Close embrace style developed in the crowded milongas of the 1950s in Buenos Aires. It is intimate. It makes the dance most secure when there are other couples near by. It fits well with the more rhythmic and up-tempo music.

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