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Tango Foundations - B & C

instructors: Michael, Julie, and teaching team - $60 per month


TANGO FOUNDATIONS B - Thursdays 7-8:15pm

This class will build upon Foundations A, the introductory class. We will review the basics of the social dance: the embrace, the walking beat, the box, and the 8-count basic. Plus we will introduce double-time, the front ocho, and simple turns, packaged with what we call "the sweet five" series of elements.


TANGO FOUNDATIONS C - Thursdays 8:15-9:30pm

In this class we will introduce the crossed-foot system: the crossed-foot walk, the crossed-foot basic, and the back ocho, half-turns, and ways to transition from parallel foot to crossed foot and back.

***Classes at Tango Northside beyond the Tango Foundations A level are via instructor invitation/approval.***

If you want to join us, please contact Michael


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