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Happy Monday! We love this choreographed piece: high energy, beautiful dancing, with social dance figures styled-up for show. Enjoy!

Michael's current favorites: "Carlitos & Noelia blow my mind in terms of their musicality and connection. Always inspirational!"

Another beautiful dance by Carlitos and Noelia

Weekend tango viewing: Mundial de Tango!

"Every year, usually in August, the world Argentine Tango competition is in Buenos Aires. They hold both a Show (Encensario) competition and a Salon (Tango de Pista) Competition. In the Salon Competition, the finest and most trained competition dancers from around the world compete in front of a panel of judges composed of some of the most famous dancers from Buenos Aires. The final ronda (round) has four groups of 10 couples. Here you will see the most elegant example of salon style dancing you can find. Some of these couples also get sweaty regularly at the milongas, but others just train their butts off in the studio to be this perfect. You can watch more than 20 of these final rounds from different years on YouTube by searching Mundial De Tango Final Pista. Here is just one" –Michael

Ever wanted to see a typical milonga in Buenos Aires? Michael likes this example, Cachirulo at Obelisco: "Not all the dancers are great. Some are. They dance on crowded floors, in close embrace, to traditional music. Most of the dancers are very respectful of the other couples on the floor. Sometimes the room is in the groove together - a beautiful thing!"

Some weekend tango reading, via Michael: "I am lost in the best Tango blog I have ever read: Tango and Chaos in Buenos Aires. The author is eloquent, methodical, and passionate about tango. He approaches the dance like an aficionado and a scientist. And he is totally hooked up, married to tango royalty: Alejandra Todaro, the daughter of Antonio Todaro, the most famous tango teacher of his day. Because of this, all sort of doors into the treasure rooms of tango were open to him."

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